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Hi, I'm Reg. I'm an Independent Contractor exploring new opportunities. With over 18 years of combined expertise in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), E-commerce, Accounting and Marketing, I've honed my skills in optimizing processes and ensuring exceptional client satisfaction. I'm offering business consultancy. Previously held the positions of Director of Client Experience, Director of Operations, and Director of Service Delivery. I've also served as a Head of Operations in Marketing Companies. I'm dedicated to delivering exceptional results and process optimization, driven by an altruistic ethos and unending passion for learning that aims to create lasting value for clients and partners.

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Reg Santos

, MBA, DBA Candidate

Client and Marketing Focused

Doctor of Business Administration, Candidate




Manila, Philippines

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"Welcome to my gallery, a simple visual chronicle of my journey.

Join me as I share my perspective, one frame at a time."



Doctor of Business Administration

Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Dissertation away from completion


Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Master of Business Administration


Polytechnic University of the Philippines

BS Accountancy

High School Diploma

St. Francis Business High School

Olay Rullan, Philippines


Reg Santos is one of the best among the people I worked with... Reg Santos was a very inquisitive person, is hardworking, open-minded and forward-thinking individual. She is also intelligent, ambitious, energetic and a truly proactive perfectionist. The desire for proficiency and education makes Reg Santos a valuable asset to the Manila Directors and Philippine Leadership team. Working with Reg Santos for me is a signature of success.

Jun Rufino, Jr., Philippines


Reg is one of the excellent Directors I worked with. She always goes extra mile for reaching out the clients. She's always on the top of any issues. She managed her team in a solid and diverse way. She's always on our side whenever we need her assistance.

Silvia Lee, USA


Reg demonstrated outstanding problem-solving skills, turning challenges into opportunities. Her insightful business ideas greatly benefited our project. The team loves her. I wholeheartedly recommend her services for anyone seeking top-tier expertise and creative solutions.

Clint Khan, USA


Reg exceeded expectations on our project. Her expertise is evident from the outset, greatly improves the performance of our Maryland team. Communication was seamless, addressing inquiries promptly. The work demonstrated meticulous attention to detail, consistently meeting deadlines. Reg handled challenges with adaptability and maintained a high level of professionalism. 

Marissa Moore, USA


Reg excels at people management and business strategies. Her exceptional skills and effective communication significantly contributed to the project's success. Highly recommended her for outstanding abilities.



February 2022-Present

Head of Operations & Consultant


Head of Operations & Consultant
Manages marketing firms focusing on US real estate Manages Recruitment, Training, Operations, HR and Finance Manages Daily Client Operations to Improve Client Experience Manages P&L: Sales, Payroll, Forecast and Budget
Deploy new lines of business
Collaborates with the COO and CEO

Sept. 2021 - Dec. 2021


Director of Operations

Set the direction and strategy for the team
Build and manage client relationships
Implemented leadership training, skill building, and execution for all leaders
Handles implementation of new lines of business
Create and communicate standardized methods and approaches Successfully worked with the team in double certification of ISO 18295 Customer Contact Centers & ISO 9001 Quality Management System

May 2021- Present



Anticipates business challenges and recommends improvements
Provides conceptual and innovative thinking
Assist client in determining best practices to achieve client's desired result

Nov. 2020 - Apr. 2021


Director, Client Experience

Has delivered chart busting Client Success Scores

Handles daily client service delivery of PH centers with ~2,000 head count

Leads client excellence measured by NPS, SLAs and Accuracy

Review and implement contractual agreements

Drives Client’s Growth, Engagement and Churn Improvement

Leads the team to improve knowledge and skills in client delivery via servant leadership (has delivered team’s employee satisfaction score of 20 points above target)

Drives company’s Financial Target(MonthlyRecurringRevenue)

Manages P&L (has shown significant cost savings)

Strong contributor to senior leadership in developing cross functional process improvements for profitability, business continuity, and client success

Dec. 2019 - Oct. 2020

Director, Service Delivery


Improve KPIs to hit contractual bonus goals, revenue generation, expenses,

forecasting, and financials (measured by Forecasting Accuracy, Revenue and Margin goals
Oversees hiring, training, coaching, evaluating, and developing employees
Drives agent engagement, satisfaction and retention (that resulted to consistent top performance ranking)

Manages the overall client relationship and communication
Manages day to day operations and deliverables
Review and provide improvement to SOW
Initiate accurate growth plans (by analyzing trends e.g. Call Volume Projections and Financial levers)

Drives Shareholder Returns

Mar. 2006-Dec. 2019

Senior Operations Manager



Provides leadership to managers, supervisors, training, workforce, reports, data security & compliance, and engagement team. Handles three (3) lines of business. Recommends operational objectives and develops departmental plans, including business, production and/or organizational priorities. Program Head / OM II. Hosts business reviews and maintain controls to ensure that COPC high performance standard is being met. Drives continuous improvement projects.


Change Leader

Leadership Methodologies Implementation Lead – Role includes: Planning, Facilitating Training and Sustaining Leadership Ecosystem. This provides standard execution guidelines for facilitating: Leadership Foundation, Data Driven Decision Making, Strategic Alignment Meetings, Monthly Goal Setting, Skill Transfer, Inspections, and Accountability - a mandatory training attended by leaders with direct support e.g. Training, Quality, Workforce, Operations (from Supervisors up).


Client Services

Leads the program’s crowning glory under client services. Provide outbound support and tier 2 services to internal clients. Supported 7 centers located in the Philippines, Mexico and US.


Team Leader


AgentProvides conceptual and innovative thinking

Assist client in determining best practices to achieve client's desired result

Nov. 2005 - Mar 2006

Escober Accounting Firm

Anticipates business challenges and recommends improvements
Provides conceptual and innovative thinking

Financial Reporting

Tax Compliance

Payroll Processing

Internal Controls

Financial Advisories to SMEs

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